Use of plain radiography to screen for cervical spine injuries
Use of flexion-extension radiographs of the cervical spine in blunt trauma
Epidemiology of cervical spine injury victims 
Distribution and patterns of blunt traumatic cervical spine injury
Test performance of the individual nexus low-risk clinical screening criteria for cervical spine injury
Football protective gear and cervical spine imaging
Defining radiographic criteria for flexion-extension studies of the cervical spine
Outcome of patients experiencing cardiac arrest with carbon monoxide poisoning treated with hyperbaric oxygen
A pilot study to assess the safety of dobutamine stress echocardiography in the emergency department evaluation of cocaine-associated chest pain
Diagnostic use of physicians’ detection of urine fluorescence in a simulated ingestion of sodium fluorescein–containing antifreeze
Copperhead snakebites: Clinical severity of local effects
Intravenous pyridoxine-induced metabolic acidosis
Protective athletic equipment and cervical spine imaging
Oral agents for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus: Pharmacology, toxicity, and treatment
Life-threatening upper airway edema caused by a distal rattlesnake bite
Update: outbreak of acute febrile illness among athletes participating in Eco-Challenge-Sabah 2000—Borneo, Malaysia, 2000.
Three years, a thousand visits: A case study of the ultimate frequent flyer
Shift change
Alternatives in the debate over the uninsured
Alternatives in the debate over the uninsured
The semantics of ketamine
The semantics of ketamine
Cocaine-associated acute coronary syndromes
Cocaine-associated acute coronary syndromes
Cocaine-associated acute coronary syndromes
Prevalence, clinical characteristics, and mortality among patients with myocardial infarction presenting without chest pain
Ability of troponins to predict adverse outcomes in patients with renal insufficiency and suspected acute coronary syndromes: A case-matched study
Endothelin-1 vasoconstriction during swine cardiopulmonary resuscitation improves coronary perfusion pressures but worsens postresuscitation outcome
“Bystander” chest compressions and assisted ventilation independently improve outcome from piglet asphyxial pulseless “cardiac arrest”
Comparison of troponin T versus creatine kinase-MB in suspected acute coronary syndromes
Resuscitation after prolonged ventricular fibrillation with use of monophasic and biphasic waveform pulses for external defibrillation
Very early diagnosis and risk stratification of patients admitted with suspected acute myocardial infarction by the combined evaluation of a single serum value of Cardiac Troponin-T, Myoglobin, and Creatine Kinase MBmass
Amiodarone as a first-choice drug for restoring sinus rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation: A randomized, controlled study
Trauma Management: An Emergency Medicine Approach
Injury Control: A Guide to Research and Program Evaluation
Clinical policy for the management and risk stratification of community-acquired pneumonia in adults in the emergency department