An Emergency Department–Based Randomized Trial of Nonbronchoscopic Bronchoalveolar Lavage for Early Pathogen Identification in Severe Community-acquired Pneumonia
Validation of the Ottawa Knee Rules
Psychologic Morbidity and Health-Related Quality of Life of Patients Assessed in a Chest Pain Observation Unit
Bedside Echocardiography by Emergency Physicians
The Injury Pattern of a New Law Enforcement Weapon: The Police Bean Bag
Emergency Department Evaluation of Acute Stress Disorder Symptoms in Violently Injured Youths
Monitoring a Clinical Trial Conducted Under the Food and Drug Administration Regulations Allowing a Waiver of Prospective Informed Consent: The Diaspirin Cross-linked Hemoglobin Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock Efficacy Trial
Injury Prevention and Control in Children
Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes: Deterrence and Intervention
Community-Level Firearm Injury Surveillance: Local Data for Local Action
Emergency Medicine and Police Collaboration to Prevent Community Violence
Docs and Cops: A Collaborating or Colliding Partnership?
Emergency Medicine in Japan
Airway Compromise Secondary to Lingual Hematoma Complicating Administration of Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Acute Ischemic Stroke
Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis Presenting as Impending Airway Obstruction
Automatic Collision Notification Field Test Summary
Commentary: Automatic Collision Notification Field Test Summary: Ready or Not, Here It Comes
Jalbire, Nepal: November 1999
Not Another One
Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Urban Moonshine Drinkers
Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Urban Moonshine Drinkers
Magnesium Sulfate as a Vehicle for Nebulized Salbutamol in Acute Asthma
Predicting the Result of Noninvasive Ventilation in Severe Acute Exacerbations of Patients With Chronic Airflow Limitation
Limited Utility of Chest Radiograph After Thoracentesis
Magnetization Transfer Imaging in the Detection of Injury Associated With Mild Head Trauma
Pulmonary Embolism: Comprehensive Diagnosis by Using Electron-Beam Computed Tomography for Detection of Emboli and Assessment of Pulmonary Blood Flow
Costal Cartilage Fractures as Revealed on Computed Tomography and Sonography
Right Lower Quadrant Pain and Suspected Appendicitis: Nonfocused Appendiceal Computed Tomography—Review of 100 Cases
Absent Hematuria and Expensive Computed Tomography: Case Characteristics of Emergency Urolithiasis
Atlas of Emergency Procedures
Clinical Toxicology
Use of Ultrasound Imaging by Emergency Physicians
ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines–2001
Advertising and Publicity of Emergency Medical Care
Bloodborne Infections in Emergency Medicine
Boarding of Admitted and Intensive Care Patients in the Emergency Department
Collective Bargaining
Disaster Data Collection
Emergency Medicine Workforce
Expert Witness Guidelines for the Specialty of Emergency Medicine
Immunization of Adult Patients
Interfacility Transportation of the Critical Care Patient and Its Medical Direction
Managed Health Care Organizations and Emergency Care
Medicare Economic Index (MEI)
Motorized Recreational Vehicle/Craft* Safety
Recognition of Certifying Bodies in Emergency Medicine
Universal Health Care Coverage
Watercraft Safety and Intoxication