Declining payments for emergency department care, 1996-1998
Frequent attenders to an emergency department: A study of primary health care use, medical profile, and psychosocial characteristics
How many emergency department visits are there?
Head-elevated laryngoscopy position: Improving laryngeal exposure during laryngoscopy by increasing head elevation
Cricoid ring integrity: Implications for cricothyrotomy
Bringing the larynx into view: A piece of the puzzle
Continuous 12-lead electrocardiographic monitoring in an emergency department chest pain unit: An assessment of potential clinical effect
Evaluation of the patient with chest pain: Are the bells and whistles evidence based?
2002 update to the ACC/AHA guidelines for the management of patients with unstable angina and non–ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: Implications for emergency department practice
The frequency of complications associated with the use of multiple-dose activated charcoal
British anti-Lewisite (dimercaprol): An amazing history
Crotalidae polyvalent immune fab antivenom limits the decrease in perfusion pressure of the anterior leg compartment in a porcine crotaline envenomation model
Efficacy of crotalidae polyvalent antivenin for the treatment of hognosed viper (Porthidium nasutum) envenomation
Cardioactive steroid poisoning from an herbal cleansing preparation
The effects of consecutive night shifts on neuropsychological performance of interns in the emergency department: A pilot study
Use of antibiotics in patients with acute bacterial conjunctivitis
Are corticosteroids effective in traumatic spinal cord injury?
Update on emerging infections: News from the centers for disease control and prevention
My brother and I
Observation unit protocol for fibrillation
Observation unit protocol for fibrillation
Pediatric trauma is a surgical disease
Pediatric trauma is a surgical disease
Pediatric trauma is a surgical disease
Proper treatment of anaphylaxis
Proper treatment of anaphylaxis
Routine screening for environmental radiation by first responders at explosions and fires
Resident work hours
Gun carrying among male adolescents as a function of gun ownership in the general population
Abortion care for emergency physicians
The risk-benefit profile of commonly used herbal therapies: Ginkgo, St. John's Wort, Ginseng, Echinacea, Saw Palmetto, and Kava
Adverse cardiovascular events temporally associated with Ma Huang, an herbal source of Ephedrine
Interaction between N-Acetylcysteine and activated Charcoal: Implications for the treatment of Acetaminophen poisoning
The value of plasma Acetaminophen half-life in antidote-treated Acetaminophen overdosage
Aborted sudden death, transient Brugada pattern, and wide QRS dysrhythmias after massive Cocaine ingestion
Characteristics of headache associated with acute Carbon Monoxide poisoning
Diffusion-weighted MR imaging findings in Carbon Monoxide poisoning
The ECG in Acute MI: An Evidence-Based Manual of Reperfusion Therapy
Challenging ECGs
Handbook of Urgent Care Medicine, 2nd Edition
ACEP Research Forum Abstract Submission Information
ACEP Research Forum Abstract Cover Sheet