Disputes Over Coverage of Emergency Department Services
Is the Prudent Layperson Standard Really a “Standard”?
Effect of Managed Care on Emergency Department Use in an Uninsured Population
Show Me the Money! Managing Access, Outcomes, and Cost in High-Risk Populations
A Shared Destiny
Suction for Venomous Snakebite
Snakebite Suction Devices Don't Remove Venom
Effect of Whole Bowel Irrigation on the Pharmacokinetics of an Acetaminophen Formulation and Progression of Radiopaque Markers Through the Gastrointestinal Tract
Exposure to Extremely High Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide
Initial Experience With Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine) Antivenom in the Treatment of Copperhead Snakebite
Copperhead Bites and Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
The Core Content of Medical Toxicology
Interrater Reliability of Glasgow Coma Scale Scores in the Emergency Department
Derivation of the San Francisco Syncope Rule to Predict Patients With Short-Term Serious Outcomes
Shooting an Elephant
Chronic Migraineurs
Postpartum Blindness
Bispectral Index Monitoring Quantifies Depth of Sedation During Emergency Department Procedural Sedation and Analgesia in Children
Treatment of Pediatric Migraine Headaches
Mass Casualty Terrorist Bombings
Mental Health Status Among Ethnic Albanians Seeking Medical Care in an Emergency Department Two Years After the War in Kosovo
Emergency Medicine and International Health
Misuse of Child Restraints
Clinical Policy
Images in Emergency Medicine
Oligoanalgesia in Very Young Pediatric Patients
Oligoanalgesia in Very Young Pediatric Patients
Bispectral Electroencephalogram Analysis of Pharmacologically Paralyzed Patients in the Emergency Department
Riluzole-Induced Methemoglobinemia
Delaying Defibrillation to Give Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to Patients With Out-of-Hospital Ventricular Fibrillation
Randomized Clinical Trial of Magnesium, Diazepam, or Both After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Long Distance Transport for Primary Angioplasty vs Immediate Thrombolysis in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Modulation of Acetaminophen-Induced Hepatotoxicity by the Xenobiotic Receptor CAR
Value of Lactic Acidosis in the Assessment of the Severity of Acute Cyanide Poisoning
Emergency Medicine
Mosby's ACLS Lecture Series Video Set, Second Edition