Increased Blood Pressure in the Emergency Department
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Utility of Routine Testing for Patients With Asymptomatic Severe Blood Pressure Elevation in the Emergency Department
Low Diagnostic Yield of Electrocardiogram Testing in Younger Patients With Syncope
Treatment of Massive Fluid Overload as a Result of Constrictive Pericarditis With Ultrafiltration in the Emergency Department
Characteristics of Patient Care Management Problems Identified in Emergency Department Morbidity and Mortality Investigations During 15 Years
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Decreasing Reimbursements for Outpatient Emergency Department Visits Across Payer Groups From 1996 to 2004
The Many Faces of MRSA
The Graying of America
Increased US Emergency Department Visits for Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, and Changes in Antibiotic Choices, During the Emergence of Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Patient Acceptance of Rapid HIV Testing Practices in an Urban Emergency Department
Haukoos JS, Hopkins E, Byyny, RL, For the Denver Emergency Department HIV Testing Study Group Patient Acceptance of Rapid HIV Testing Practices in an Urban Emergency Department
Emergence of Antimicrobial-Resistant Serotype 19A Streptococcus pneumoniae—Massachusetts, 2001-2006
Short-term Prognosis of Stroke Among Patients Diagnosed in the Emergency Department With a Transient Ischemic Attack
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Images in Emergency Medicine
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Hydroxocobalamin versus Thiosulfate for Cyanide Poisoning
An Inconvenient Truth?
An Inconvenient Truth?
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