Editor's Capsule Summary
Man With Generalized Weakness
Risk, Radiation, and Rationality
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Rapid Detection of Aortic Occlusion With Emergency Ultrasonography
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Emergency Department Operational Metrics, Measures and Definitions: Results of the Second Performance Measures and Benchmarking Summit
Effectiveness of Interventions Targeting Frequent Users of Emergency Departments: A Systematic Review
What We Don't Know May Hurt Us: Interventions for Frequent Emergency Department Users
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Emergency Department Ultrasound Infection Control: Do Unto (and Into) Others
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2010
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Editor's Capsule Summary
Paliperidone Overdose With Delayed Onset of Toxicity
Extreme γ-Butyrolactone Overdose With Severe Metabolic Acidosis Requiring Hemodialysis
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Effect of Warming Local Anesthetics on Injection Pain
Is MRI More Accurate Than CT in Patients With Suspected Acute Stroke?
Trial Registration and Wandering Outcomes
Elderly Female With Syncope
Response to Gayat et al
Response to Gayat et al
Recording Devices in the Emergency Department
Recording Devices in the Emergency Department
Physician Reporting of Potentially Impaired Drivers
Boarding of Admitted and Intensive Care Patients in the Emergency Department
Specialty Hospitals
Reform of Tort Law
Blood-Borne Infections in Emergency Medicine
Emergency Department Utilization During Outbreaks of Influenza
Compensation When Services Are Mandated
Alcohol Screening in the Emergency Department
Academic Departments of Emergency Medicine in Medical Schools
Drug-Assisted Intubation in the Prehospital Setting
Health Courts
Emergency Physicians' Patient Care Responsibilities Outside the Emergency Department
Universal Bicycle Helmet Use
Emergency Physician-Turned-Governor Overhauls Oregon's Health Care
The Barriers to Care Coordination