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System-Level Health Disparities in California Emergency Departments: Minorities and Medicaid Patients Are at Higher Risk of Losing Their Emergency Departments
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Development and Validation of a Tool to Assess Emergency Physicians' Nontechnical Skills
Identifying Nontechnical Skills Associated With Safety in the Emergency Department: A Scoping Review of the Literature
Increasing Computed Tomography Use for Patients With Appendicitis and Discrepancies in Pain Management Between Adults and Children: An Analysis of the NHAMCS
Can Rapid Viral Testing in the Emergency Department Reduce Antibiotic Use in Children?
Boarding of Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department
Implementing Evidence-Based Changes in Emergency Department Treatment: Alternative Vitamin Therapy for Alcohol-Related Illnesses
Intravenous Multivitamins (“Banana Bags”) for Emergency Patients Who May Have Nutritional Deficits
Multivitamin “Banana Bags” Provide Little Value in Emergency Department Patients
Report on Residency Training Information (2011-2012), American Board of Emergency Medicine
Understanding Commonly Encountered Limitations in Clinical Research: An Emergency Medicine Resident's Perspective
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Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Associated With a Long-Term-Care Facility—West Virginia, 2009-2011
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Some Think Antibiotics are Candy, But We Know They're Not
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Crisis Standard of Care Is Altered Care, Not an Altered Standard
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The Truth About the Increase in Computed Tomography Utilization
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Medical Relief After Earthquakes: Don't Forget the Local Response!
Current Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine
Emergency Department Computed Tomography Use Under Fire
ACGME Tightens Postgraduate Training Entry Requirements
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A Woman With Painless Swelling in the Right Lower Abdominal Quadrant