Guest Editors' Introduction to a Special Issue in Memory of Alfred Gray (1939–1998)
On Tangent Sphere Bundles with Small or Large Constant Radius
Spin Spaces, Lipschitz Groups, and Spinor Bundles
On Pappus-Type Theorems on the Volume in Space Forms
Surfaces in Conformal Geometry
Almost Complex Poisson Manifolds
Riemannian, Symplectic and Weak Holonomy
Twistors and Cartan Connections
Flag Duality
Sculpture Inspired by Alfred Gray
Eigenfunction Expansions on Geodesic Balls and Rank One Symmetric Spaces of Compact Type
Total Extrinsic Curvature of Certain Distributions on Closed Spaces of Constant Curvature
Examples of Minimal Unit Vector Fields
Calibrated Embeddings in the Special Lagrangian and Coassociative Cases
Global G-Manifold Reductions and Resolutions