Monitoring minimal residual disease in AML
Chronic myeloproliferative disorders with thrombocythemia
Aspirin-responsive painful red, blue, black toe, or finger syndrome in polycythemia vera associated with thrombocythemia
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Increased frequency of CD3/8/56-positive umbilical cord blood T lymphocytes after allo-priming in vitro
Erythropoiesis and serum sVCAM-1 levels in adults with sickle cell disease
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Zidovudine-related anemia with reticulocytosis
Fatal Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease
Allogeneic stem cell transplant from HLA-identical sibling for chronic granulomatous disease and review of the literature
Successful reintroduction of methotrexate after acute pneumonitis in a patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Primary gastric T-cell lymphoma not associated with human T-lymphotropic virus type I
Autoantibodies against a 72-kDa ductal cell membrane glycoprotein in a patient affected by Sjögren's syndrome and gastric MALT lymphoma