Complete DNA Sequence Variation in the Apolipoprotein H (β 2 -glycoprotein I) Gene and Identification of Informative SNPs
Haplotypes of the Human RET Proto-oncogene Associated with Hirschsprung Disease in the Italian Population Derive from a Single Ancestral Combination of Alleles
Patterns of Genetic Variation in the Hypertension Candidate Gene GRK4
High-Resolution mtDNA Studies of the Indian Population
Differential Distribution of Human Mitochondrial DNA in Somatic Tissues and Hairs
Golli-MBP Copy Number Analysis by FISH, QMPSF and MAPH in 195 Patients with Hypomyelinating Leukodystrophies
Genome-Wide Scan for Loci Influencing Quantitative Immune Response Traits in the Belém Family Study
Case-Control Association Tests Correcting for Population Stratification
Power and Sample Size for Testing Associations of Haplotypes with Complex Traits
A Likelihood Ratio Approach to Family-based Association Studies with Covariates
Point Mutation of an EYA1-gene Splice Site in a Patient with Oto-facio-cervical Syndrome