Investigating the Genetic Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease Using Candidate Genes and Meta-analysis of Association Studies
An Investigation of FRAXA Intermediate Allele Phenotype in A Longitudinal Sample
Micro-Phylogeographic and Demographic History of Portuguese Male Lineages
Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in the Polish Roma
Population Structure in the Mediterranean Basin
Associations Between G/A1229, A/G3944, T/C30875, C/T48200 and C/T65013 Genotypes and Haplotypes in the Vitamin D Receptor Gene, Ultraviolet Radiation and Susceptibility to Prostate Cancer
Modelling Germline Mosaicism and Different New Mutation Rates Simultaneously for Appropriate Risk Calculations in Families with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Obtaining Unbiased Estimates of Tagging SNP Performance
Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Genetic Association Studies
Program Report