Investigating the Relationship Between FMR1 Allele Length and Cognitive Ability in Children : A Subtle Effect of the Normal Allele Range on the Normal Ability Range?
Adrenergic Receptor Polymorphisms Associated with Resting Heart Rate : The HyperGEN Study
Lack of Association Between Genetic Variation in 9 Innate Immunity Genes and Baseline CRP Levels
Examination of PPP1R3B as a candidate gene for the type 2 diabetes and MODY loci on chromosome 8p23
Geographical Variations in TP53 Mutational Spectrum in Ovarian Carcinomas
Genetic Variations and Haplotype Structures of the ABCB1 Gene in a Japanese Population : An Expanded Haplotype Block Covering the Distal Promoter Region, and Associated Ethnic Differences
OCA1 in Different Ethnic Groups of India is Primarily Due to Founder Mutations in the Tyrosinase Gene
Mitochondrial DNA Variation in Mauritania and Mali and their Genetic Relationship to Other Western Africa Populations
The Genetic Structure of Human Populations Studied Through Short Insertion-Deletion Polymorphisms
Estimating Human Inbreeding Coefficients : Comparison of Genealogical and Marker Heterozygosity Approaches
A Combinatorial Searching Method for Detecting a Set of Interacting Loci Associated with Complex Traits
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