On the asymptotic equivalence of allelic and trend statistic under Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
Founder Effect and Estimation of the Age of the c.892C>T (p.Arg298Cys) Mutation in LMNA Associated to Charcot-Marie-Tooth Subtype CMT2B1 in Families from North Western Africa
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Cognitive Functioning and Survival in the Elderly
Identification of Association of Common AGGF1 Variants with Susceptibility for Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome Using the Structure Association Program
Correlation Analyses Reveal a Substantial Influence of Allelic Gaps on the Investigation of Genetic Diversity of Modern Human Populations with Microsatellites
Four SNPS on Chromosome 9p21 Confer Risk to Premature, Familial CAD and MI in an American Caucasian Population (GeneQuest)
A Bayesian Spatial Multimarker Genetic Random-Effect Model for Fine-Scale Mapping
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Exact Trait-Model-Free Tests for Linkage Detection in Pedigrees
HMBS Mutations in Chinese Patients with Acute Intermittent Porphyria
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Detection, Imputation and Association Analysis of Small Deletions and Null-alleles on Oligonucleotide Arrays
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G.H.Hardy and Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (1908)
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Association Analysis of SNP Data Imputed with the EM-Algorithm
Searching for genotype-phenotype structure
False negative replication of disease associations can be caused by differences in marker allele frequencies between study populations
A Polygenic Model for Integration of Linkage and Pathway Information
Haplotypes, Siblings and Continuous Phenotypes
Meta-analysis of gene/disease association studies
Unbiased estimation of effect sizes from genome-wide association scans with replication
A simple method for co-segregation analysis to evaluate the pathogenicity of DNA variants of unknown significance in BRCA1 and BRCA2
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Multi-locus epistasis leads to hybrid inferiority in domestic fowl
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Gene-environment interactions involved in type 2 diabetes
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