Quantitative Approximation to the Ordered Dirichlet Distribution under Varying Basic Probability Spaces
Moment-Based Approximations of Distributions Using Mixtures
Exponential Mixture Representation of Geometric Stable Distributions
Optimal Allocation for Symmetric Distributions in Ranked Set Sampling*
Rank Tests Based on Exceeding Observations
Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Cauchy Distribution Based on the Empirical Characteristic Function*
Model Selection for Variable Length Markov Chains and Tuning the Context Algorithm
On Least Squares Estimation for Stable Nonlinear AR Processes
Operational Variants of the Minimum Mean Squared Error Estimator in Linear Regression Models with Non-Spherical Disturbances
Estimating Equations with Nuisance Parameters
Robustness Comparisons of Some Classes of Location Parameter Estimators*
Influence Analysis for Linear Measurement Error Models*
Simultaneous Estimation of Several Stratum Means under Error-in-Variables Superpopulation Models
Some Optimal Strategies for Bandit Problems with Beta Prior Distributions