Presidential Address*
Adaptation and Compensation as Origin of Disorders*
Multiple Myeloma*
Studies in Blood Volume with the Dye Method*
Cardiac Conditions Contra-indicating the Use of Digitalis*
Clinical and Pathological Evidence of the Influence of Iodine in the Therapy of Primary Hyperthyroidism*†
The Spread of Broad Tapeworm Infestation Throughout the United States
Sex-Differences in Heart Action. I, Duration of Systole; II, Heart Rate.
Two Years' Experience with the Malarial Treatment of General Paralysis in a State Institution . Clinical, Serological and Autopsy Observation in 100 cases.
The Active Principle of the Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary Gland. I, The Demonstration of the Presence of Two Active Principles; II, The Separation of the Two Principles and Their Concentration in the Form of Potent Solid Preparations.
College News Notes
The Diagnosis of Congenital Cardiac Disease . Part I, The "So-called Acyanotic" Cases
Cavernous Sinus Thrombophlebitis and Allied Septic and Traumatic Lesions of the Basal Venous Sinuses . A Clinical Study of Blood Stream Infection
A Textbook of Biologic Assays.