Fungus Infections of the Central Nervous System
Errors in the Diagnosis of Diseases Associated with Jaundice : Observations Based on 533 Cases Verified by Operation or Necropsy
Peptic Ulcer : Early and Late Effects of Parenteral Injections of a Nonspecific Protein: Conclusions Drawn from Experimental Work on the Modus Operandi of the Therapeutic Agent, and on the Etiology of the Lesion Helped by It
The Clinical Diagnosis of Pulmonary Arteriosclerosis
A Summary of Recent Studies on Equine Encephalomyelitis.
Sensitization to Fungi
Ten Years at the Lymanhurst School for Tuberculous Children
Friction Rub over the Liver in a Patient with Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
The Migraine Syndrome
The Trend in Cerebral Localization
Analysis of 104 Cases of Carcinoma of the Large Intestine.
Experimental Transmission of Tularemia by Mosquitoes.
Retrobulbärneuritis durch Apiolvergiftung [ Retrobulbar Neuritis in the Course of “Apiol” Poisoning ].
Is the Incease of Cancer Real or Apparent?
The Experimental Intravenous Administration of Colloidal Thorium Dioxide.
Renal Glycosuria.
Man and Medicine: An Introduction to Medical Knowledge.
The Failing Heart of Middle Life.
Diseases of the Kidney.
The Heart Rate.
Practical Treatment of Skin Diseases with Special Reference to Technique.
Recent Advances in Pathology.
La Distomatosis Hepatica en Cuba [Hepatic Distomatosis in Cuba].
Methodenlehre der therapeutischen Untersuchung [Methodology in Therapeutic Investigation].
College News Notes