Combination Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Advanced Hodgkin's Disease
5-Fluorouracil in Cancer: An Improved Regimen
Hypertension, Adrenal Abnormalities, and Alterations in Plasma Renin Activity
Evaluation of Myocardial Revascularization with Arterial Implants
Idiopathic Focal Proliferative Nephritis Associated with Persistent Hematuria and Normal Renal Function
The Clinical Course of the Proliferative and Membranous Forms of Lupus Nephritis
Antinuclear Antibodies in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
A Double-Blind Study of Azaribine in the Treatment of Psoriasis
The Use of a Therapeutic Milieu on a Continuing Care Unit in a General Hospital
Partial Lipodystrophy
Mycobacterium fortuitum —A Human Pathogen
Tuberculosis Caused by Mycobacterium bovis
Graves' Disease with Delayed Hyperthyroidism
Monocytosis in Malignant Disease
Hyperosmotic Coma Complicating Peritoneal Dialysis with Sorbitol Dialysate
Current Procedures for Scanning of the Spleen
Lung Cancer: Perspectives and Prospects
Man Versus Woman
Treatment of Hodgkin's Disease: With What and By Whom?
The Management of Lupus Nephritis
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Osteoporosis and Corticoid Drugs
Prognosis of Sarcoidosis
The Radcliffe Infirmary: Two Hundred Years
New Key Words and Index
Pulmonary Blood Flow: Erratum
Osler and Continuing Education
BCG Vaccination Against Tuberculosis
BCG Vaccination for American Indians
New Tactics for Hyperthyroidism: Sympathetic Blockade
Beta Adrenergic Blockade and the Phantom Limb
Interferon in Malaria
Cephalothin and Hemolytic Anemia
Gonococcal Arthritis
Hypercalcemia in Cancer
Differential Diagnosis: The Interpretation of Clinical Evidence.
Medicine in Three Societies: A Comparison of Medical Care in the U.S.S.R., U.S.A., and U.K.
Changing Patterns: An Atypical Autobiography.
Genetic Counselling.
The Coronary Care Unit.
Preventive Myocardiology: Fundamentals and Targets.
Clinical Procedures: A Concise Guide for Students of Medicine.
Community Medicine: Teaching, Research and Health Care.
The Community as an Epidemiologic Laboratory: A Casebook of Community Studies.
Erythropoietin and the Regulation of Erythropoiesis.
A Primer of Water, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Syndromes.
Office Urinary Tract Bacteriology.
Morphologische Folgen der Nierenpunktion. Tierexperimentelle und humanpathologische Befunde.
The Mechanism and Management of Headache.
Scientific Basis of Drug Dependence—a Symposium.
Psychopathology Today: Experimentation, Theory and Research.
Lectures in Chest Medicine.
Brain Diseases.
Modern Trends in Gastro-Enterology—4.
Die Organe: Die Organstrukter als Grunlage der Organleistung und Organerkrankung.
Gas Chromatography in Biology and Medicine.
Man's Health and the Environment: Some Research Needs.
Amino-Acid Content of Foods and Biological Data on Proteins.
Common Sense Lives Here: A Community Guide to Drug Abuse Action.
Controlled Therapeutic Trials.
Clinical Investigation By Means of Haematology.
The Pathological Diagnosis of Acute Ischaemic Heart Disease.
Die Kreislaufdynamik der Mitralstenose unter konstanter Arbeit. Ergometriche Untersuchungen wahrend der Katheterisierung des Herzens.
Klinische Pathophysiologie der Atmung.
Lehrbuch der Orthopädie.
Septic Complications of Neurosurgical Spinal Procedures.
Penetrating Wounds of the Abdomen.
Schock- und Kollaps-Fibel.
Physiology and Pharmacology of Local Anesthesia.
Die Lipide des normalen und pathologischen Liquor cerebrospinalis.
Diagnostik-Informationssystem: Integrierte elektronische Datenverarbeitung für die ärztliche Diagnostik.
Disability in Antiquity.
On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own Families.
Directory of High-Energy Radiotherapy Centres.
Outpatient Services Journal Articles: A Collection of Current Published Articles Related to Outpatient Services.
Blood Banking and Immunohematology Journal Articles.
Principles of Development: A Text in Experimental Embryology.
So You Have Glaucoma.
The Hepatic Circulation and Portal Hypertension.
Recent Advances in the Study of Cerebral Circulation.
Body Fluid Replacement in the Surgical Patient.
The Role of the Surgeon in Medical School Education.
Pain and Suffering. Selected Aspects.
Hemopoietic Cellular Proliferation.
Early Disease Detection.
International Conference on Bioelectrical Impedance.
Homeostatic Regulators.
Foetal Autonomy: A Ciba Foundation Symposium.
The Current Status of Liquid Scintillation Counting.
Radiation Sensitivity of Toxins and Animal Poisons.
Urban Climates.
Advances in Internal Medicine.
Congenital Heart Disease.
Actualités Métaboliques en Pédiatrie.