Aging: Phenomena and Theories
Genes Involved in the Control of Cellular Proliferative Potentiala
Somatic Mutation and Aging
Chromosomal Damage Rate, Aging, and Dieta
Pluripotent Protective Effects of Carnosine, a Naturally Occurring Dipeptidea
The Nature of Gerontogenes and Vitagenes: Antiaging Effects of Repeated Heat Shock on Human Fibroblasts
Causes of Aging
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors in Muscle Aging
Age-associated Changes in the Response of Skeletal Muscle Cells to Exercise and Regenerationa
Age-associated Changes in the Innervation of Muscle Fibers and Changes in the Mechanical Properties of Motor Units
Oxidative Stress and Aging: Role of Exercise and Its Influences on Antioxidant Systems
Mitochondrial Aging: Open Questionsa
Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Age
Oxidative Damage and Mutation to Mitochondrial DNA and Age-dependent Decline of Mitochondrial Respiratory Functiona
Tissue-specific Distribution of Multiple Mitochondrial DNA Rearrangements during Human Aginga
Influences of Caloric Restriction on Age-associated Skeletal Muscle Fiber Characteristics and Mitochondrial Changes in Rats and Micea
The Effects of Dietary Restriction on Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Aginga
The Universality of Bioenergetic Disease: Age-associated Cellular Bioenergetic Degradation and Amelioration Therapy
Mitochondrial Decay in Aging: Reversal through Supplementation of Acetyl-l-Carnitine and N-tert-Butyl-α-phenyl-nitronea
Mitochondrial Free Radical Production and Aging in Mammals and Birdsa
Oxidative Damage in the Senescence-accelerated Mouse
Roundtable Discussion: How Best to Ameliorate the Normal Increase in Mitochondrial Superoxide Formation with Advancing Age
Membrane and Receptor Modifications of Oxidative Stress Vulnerability in Aging: Nutritional Considerations
Immunohistochemical and ELISA Assays for Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Aging and Diseasea
Assessing the Effects of Deprenyl on Longevity and Antioxidant Defenses in Different Animal Models
Age-associated Memory Impairment: Assessing the Role of Nitric Oxide
Telomeres: Influencing the Rate of Aging
Redox Regulation of the Caspases during Apoptosisa
Nutrition, Osteoporosis, and Aging
The Effect of Long-term Dietary Supplementation with Antioxidantsa
B Vitamins and Homocysteine in Cardiovascular Disease and Aging
Nutrition, Cancer, and Aging
Combined Exercise and Dietary Intervention to Optimize Body Composition in Aging
The Biochemical, Pathophysiological, and Medical Aspects of Ubiquinone Function
Reactive Oxygen Intermediates, Molecular Damage, and Aging: Relation to Melatonin
Recycling and Redox Cycling of Phenolic Antioxidants
The Chemistry and Biological Effects of Flavonoids and Phenolic Acidsa
The Antioxidant and Biological Properties of the Carotenoidsa
Structural and Functional Changes in Proteins Induced by Free Radical-mediated Oxidative Stress and Protective Action of the Antioxidants N-tert-Butyl-α-phenylnitrone and Vitamin Ea
Roundtable Discussion: How Best to Ensure Daily Intake of Antioxidants (from the Diet and Supplements) That is Optimal for Life Span, Disease, and General Health
Synergistic Multitherapy as a Rational Strategy in Aging: Multifactorial Process
Cell Signaling as a Major Factor of Intervention into the Aging Process
Are Free Radicals a Cause of Aging?
A New Genetic Conception of Aging and the Possible Mechanisms of Aging Pathologies
The Pineal Peptide Preparation, Epithalamin, Slows Aging in Drosophila melanogaster, Mice, and Rats
Similar Gene Expression Patterns in Senescent and Hyperoxically Blocked Fibroblasts
Altered Gene Expression in the Brain of the Senescence-accelerated Mouse
Prolongation of the Healthy Life Span with Early Diagnosis of T(14;18) Translocation
Genetic Dissection of Senile Hypoactivity in Drosophila melanogaster
Structural Changes of Chromosomes Induced by Heavy Metal Salts during in Vivo and in Vitro Aging
Total Extent and Cellular Distribution of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Aging
Coenzyme Q10 Treatment Improves the Tolerance of the Senescent Myocardium to Pacing Stress in the Rat
Response of the Human Myocardium to Hypoxia and Ischemia Declines with Age: Correlation with Increased Mitochondrial DNA Deletions
Impairment of Mitochondrial Function in the Aging Heart: Molecular and Pharmacological Aspects
Aluminosilicate Particulate and Beta-Amyloid in Vitro Interactions: A Model of Alzheimer Plaque Formation
Does Extracellular Ascorbate Promote Oxidative Damage to the Aging Brain?
Low Levels of 4977 BP-deleted Molecules of Mitochondrial DNA in the Presence of High OH8DG Contents in Healthy Subjects and Alzheimer's Disease Patients
Correlations between Lipofuscin Accumulation and Aging Neuropathology
Proteasome but Not Lysosomal Protease Activities Decline with Age in the Liver of Male F344 Rats
Macrophage Membrane Proteins That Recognize Carbohydrate Chains of Oxidized Erythrocytes
Aging and Dietary Protein: Effects of Collagen and Muscle Fiber Distribution in the Rat Diaphragm
Characterization of Age-dependent Multiple Yellow Fluorescent Components in Rat Kidney
Age-dependent Effect of Estrogen on Oxidative Stress of Ovariectomy-induced Osteoporotic Bones
Accelerated Aging of the Female Reproductive System in Mice following Exposure to Tobacco Smoke
Endogenous Antioxidant Defense and Lipid Peroxidation in Elderly Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
The Reliability of the Mitochondrial Electron-transport Membranes and Implications for Aging
The Breathing Exercise, Qigong: A Traditional Exercise Approach for the Improvement of Symptoms in Aged Diabetics Through Modulation of Psychological State
Maintaining Mobility in Nursing Home Residents
Double-blind Trial of Huperzine-A (HUP) on Cognitive Deterioration in 314 Cases of Benign Senescent Forgetfulness, Vascular Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease
Double-blind Trial of Aniracetam on Cognitive Deterioration in 622 Cases of Benign Senescent Forgetfulness, Vascular Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease
The Relationship between the Cognitive Deterioration, Pulse Transit Time, Microcirculation, and Free Radical Metabolism in the Preaged and Aged
Free Radicals and Arteriosclerosis
The Age-retarding Effect of Reinhardt and Sea Cucumber Capsule (RSC)
Alzheimer's Disease: A Hypothesis on Pathogenesis
Relationship between Fatty Acid Unsaturation, Sensitivity to Lipid Peroxidation, and Maximum Life Span in the Liver of Mammals
Localization in a Region of Complex I and Mechanism of the Higher Free Radical Production of Brain Nonsynaptic Mitochondria in the Short-lived Rat Than in the Longevous Pigeon
Heart and Brain OXO8dG in the Genomic DNA of Rats and Pigeons and Maximum Longevity
Cell Proliferation Restriction: Is It the Primary Cause of Aging?
Study of "Stationary Phase Aging" of Cultured Cells under Various Types of Proliferation Restriction