Introduction to a 25th Anniversary Conference
Creeping Toward Inclusivity in Science: Executive Summary
Personal Reflections
Working Together to Expand Opportunity
Choices and Successes: Honoring Women Pioneers
Women in Science and Engineering: Advances, Challenges, and Solutions
Reaching for Success in Science: Women's Uneven Journey
Changes in the Gardens of Science, Wrought by Women
The Work: Introduction and Summary
Different Perceptions of "Good Science" and Their Effects on Careers
Where Women Are in the Majority
Gender, Knowledge, and Scientific Styles
The Workplace: Opening Remarks
Different Laboratory/Work Climates: Impacts on Women in the Workplace
What Draws Women to and Keeps Women in Computing?
Women Scientists in Laboratory Culture: Perspectives from an Academic Scientist in Training
Reflections on a Career in the Aerospace Industry
Oh, If They Could Only See Us Now!
The Role of Socialization in Shaping the Career-Related Choices of Undergraduate Women in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Majors
Review and Summary of Part II Sessions
Models of Success and Satisfaction: An Interactive, Intergenerational Discussion
Changing the Way Our Culture Interacts with Science
Women Scientists in Industry
Surprising Opportunities: Gender and the Structure of Work in Biotechnology Firms
Women in Biotechnology: Finding a Place
Women Drivers
What Policies of Government Agencies Are Worth Emulating?: Introduction
Promoting Success in the Department of Energy
Opening Doors for Women in Space: A Perspective from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
What Promotes the Development of Women Scientists in Academia? Introductory Remarks
Success for Women in Academia: Choices, Experiences, and Challenges
A View from the Trenches
Issues of Isolation and Community
Women as Valued Members of the Scientific Community
The Future: What Have We Learned and How Can It Help?: A Panel Discussion
Conference Participants