Global Problem of Drug-Induced Hearing Loss
Insights Into Ototoxicity: Analogies to Nephrotoxicity
Free Radicals and Hearing: Cause, Consequence, and Criteria
Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Death in the Ear
Calpain Inhibitors as Therapeutic Agents in Nerve and Muscle Degeneration
Acute and Chronic Effects of Aminoglycosides on Cochlear Hair Cells
Normal and Altered Cytoarchitecture of the Inner Ear
An Animal Model Based on the Sprague Dawley Rat for the Evaluation of Ototoxicity
Genetic Factors in Aminoglycoside Toxicity
A Missense Mutation in Myosin VIIA Prevents Aminoglycoside Accumulation in Early Postnatal Cochlear Hair Cells
Antioxidant Therapy Attenuates Aminoglycoside-Induced Hearing Loss
Neurotrophins, NMDA Receptors, and Nitric Oxide in Development and Protection of the Auditory System
Ototoxicity: Amelioration by Protective Agents
Selective Loss of Inner Hair Cells and Type-I Ganglion Neurons in Carboplatin-Treated Chinchillas: Mechanisms of Damage and Protection
A Radical Demise: Toxins and Trauma Share Common Pathways in Hair Cell Death
Protection and Spontaneous Recovery from Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss
Evaluation of Cisplatin Ototoxicity in a Rat Animal Model
Mechanisms of Alterations in the Microcirculation of the Cochlea
Successful Treatment of Noise-Induced Cochlear Ischemia, Hypoxia, and Hearing Loss
Excitotoxicity, Synaptic Repair, and Functional Recovery in the Mammalian Cochlea: A Review of Recent Findings
Recovery of Kainic Acid Excitotoxicity in Chinchilla Cochlea
Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor: Potential for Otoprotection
Neurotrophic Factors in the Auditory Periphery
Rescue and Regrowth of Sensory Nerves Following Deafferentation by Neurotrophic Factors
Role of Neurotrophins and Lectins in Prevention of Ototoxicity
Treatment of Acoustic Trauma
Gene Therapy in the Inner Ear: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
Protective Effect of the Cochlear Efferent System During Noise Exposure
The Role of Antioxidants in Protection from Impulse Noise
Gender-Specific Effects of Drugs on Hearing Levels of Older Persons
Dynamic Studies of Ototoxicity in Mature Avian Auditory Epithelium
Intratympanic Therapy for Ménière's Disease: High-Concentration Gentamicin with Round-Window Protection
Cochlear Effects of Mesna Application into the Middle Ear
The Cochleovestibular System/Ototoxicity/Clinical Issues