Health Implications of Global Electrification
Network Construction of First Aid for Electrical Injury in the East China Area of China Power
Survey of Electrical Burns in Philippine General Hospital
Thermoacoustic Energy Effects in Electrical Arcs
Common Reasons for Electric Injuries and Preventive Measures in China's Electric Power Industry
Electrical Injury through the Eyes of Professional Electricians
Treatment of Severe Electrical Burns
Electrical Injuries in Canadian Burn Care: Identification of Unsolved Problems
A Clinical Analysis of 836 Cases with Electric Injury
Functional Reconstruction following Electrical Injury
Wound Management in Electrical Injuries
The Use of Allografts in the Management of Exposed Calvarial Electrical Burn Wounds of the Skull
Experience of Urgent Reconstruction of Electrical Injuries
Experience of the Treatment of Severe Electric Burns on Special Parts of the Body
High Voltage Electrical Injury Leading to a Delayed Onset Tetraplegia, with Recovery
Wound Repair of Severe Electrical Injuries in the Head
The Neuropsychological Effects of Electrical Injury: New Insights
Understanding the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Electrical Shock
Issues in Modeling Thermal Alterations in Tissuesa
Pathophysiology and Treatment of Fibroproliferative Disorders following Thermal Injury
Changes in Skin Structure and Electrical Properties following High Voltage Exposure
Dynamics of Membrane Sealing in Transient Electropermeabilization of Skeletal Muscle Membranes
Biological Effects of Electric Shock and Heat Denaturation and Oxidation of Molecules, Membranes, and Cellular Functions
The Use of Collagen-GAG Membranes in Reconstructive Surgery
Changes in Electroporation Thresholds of Lipid Membranes by Surfactants and Peptides
Pharmaceutical Therapies for Sealing of Permeabilized Cell Membranes in Electrical Injuriesa
Oxidative Cell Membrane Alteration: Evidence for Surfactant-Mediated Sealing a
Radiotracers for Imaging Electroporationa
Study on the Distribution Pattern of Skin Temperature in Normal Chinese and Detection of the Depth of Early Burn Wound by Infrared Thermography
Conductivity Mapping of Biological Tissue Using Diffusion MRI
Using Engineering and Assistive Technologies for Rehabilitation after Electrical Traumaa
Early Repair Treatment of Electrical Burns and Recovery of Tendons and Nerves: Report of 194 Operations
Management and Coordination of Postacute Medical Care for Electrical Trauma Survivors
Strategies in Disability Management: Corporate Disability Management Programs Implemented at the Work Site
Life after Electrical Injury: Risk Factors for Psychiatric Sequelae
Future Development of Electrical Injury Research and Treatment
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