Identification and Psychic Closure: A Dynamic Structuralist Approach of the Psyche
Doing Time: The Emergence of Irreversibility
Regenerative Process in Life and Mind
A Classification of Closure Concepts
Conceptual Closure: How Memories are Woven into an Interconnected Worldview
Importance of Diversity: Reconciling Natural Selection and Noncompetitive Processes
Levels of Control and Closure in Complex Semiotic Systems
Complexity IX. Closure over the Organization of a Scientific Truth
Closure, Open Systems, and the Modeling Imperative
Opening Up Closure: Semiotics Across Scales
Closure, Identity, and the Emergence of Formal Causation
Varieties of Chemical Closure: Three Kinds of Coherence Observed in Chemical Systems, and Their Relation to Societal Integration
Closure in the Emergence and Evolution of Life: Multiple Discourses or One?
The Scientific Origin of Life: Considerations on the Evolution of Information, Leading to an Alternative Proposal for Explaining the Origin of the Cell, a Semantically Closed System
The Rosetta Stone of Stability
From Autopoiesis to Semantic Closure
Remarks on Autocatalysis and Autopoiesis
Code-Duality and the Epistemic Cut
Closure, Function, Emergence, Semiosis, and Life: The Same Idea? Reflections on the Concrete and the Abstract in Theoretical Biology
Complementarity and Closure
Syntactic Autonomy: Why There is No Autonomy Without Symbols and How Self-Organizing Systems Might Evolve Them
Genomes and Form: The Case for Teleomorphic Recursivity
Fundamental and Modal Processes in the Evolution of Natural Systems
Closure and Anticlosure in the Realm of Quantum Gravity: Why Evolution Needs No Origin
The Nature of the Organism: Life Has a Life of Its Own
Ontic Closure and the Hierarchy of Scale
Active Motion, Communicative Aggregations, and the Spatial Closure of Umwelt
Autonomy and Process Closure as the Basis for Functionality
The Organism and the Open System: Ervin Bauer and Ludwig von Bertalanffy
Organizational Closure and Conceptual Coherence
Spontaneous Order, Autocatakinetic Closure, and the Development of Space-Time
The Formal Nature of Emergent Biological Organization and Its Implications for Understandings of Closure
The Internalist Stance: A Linguistic Practice Enclosing Dynamics