Ferroelectric Molecular Films for Nanoscopic Ultrahigh-Density Memories
Electron Transfer Through Bridging Molecular Structures
Metallosupramolecular Coordination Polyelectrolytes
Prospects for Single-Molecule Information-Processing Devices for the Next Paradigm
Nonlinear Transport Through a Nanoscale Molecule
Molecular Wires, Switches, and Memories
An Atomistic Approach to Conduction Between Nanoelectrodes Through a Single Molecule
Charging Effects, Forces, and Conduction in Molecular Wire Systems
Tunneling Through a Tilted Tight-Binding Band
Interplay of Topology and Chemical Stability on the Electronic Transport of Molecular Junctions
Modeling the Electrostatic Potential Spatial Profile of Molecular Junctions
First-Principles Simulations of Molecular Electronics
Biomolecular Electronic Devices Based on Self-Organized Deoxyguanosine Nanocrystals
Geometrical Factors in Conductance Through Molecular Films
Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Molecular Wire-Nanotube Interfacial Effects on Electron Transport
Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata at a Molecular Scale
Semiclassical Theory for Dissipative Tunneling Through a Molecular Wire