Sex Offender Management: The Public Policy Challenges
The Role of Citizen Education and Political Engagement in Framing the Issues
A 15-Year Retrospective on Sexual Coercion: Advances and Projections
Criminal and Noncriminal Sexual Aggressors: Integrating Psychopathy in a Hierarchical-Mediational Confluence Model
The Development of Sexual Aggression through the Life Span: The Effect of Age on Sexual Arousal and Recidivism among Sex Offenders
The Developmental Antecedents of Sexual Coercion against Women: Testing Alternative Hypotheses with Structural Equation Modeling
The Monoamine Hypothesis for the Pathophysiology of Paraphilic Disorders: An Update
Sexual Behavior Problems in Preteen Children: Developmental, Ecological, and Behavioral Correlates
The Etiology of Anomalous Sexual Preferences in Men
Detecting Anomalous Sexual Interests in Juvenile Sex Offenders
The Cultural Context of Sexual Aggression: Asian American and European American Perpetrators
Overview of the session
Critique of Vernon Quinsey's paper
Etiology research as the route to science-based prevention
Sexual Offender Recidivism Risk: What We Know and What We Need to Know
Principles of Forensic Mental Health Assessment: Implications for the Forensic Assessment of Sexual Offenders
Assessment of Sex Offenders: Lessons Learned from the Assessment of Non-Sex Offenders
Actuarial Assessment of Risk among Sex Offenders
Are Rapists Differentially Aroused by Coercive Sex in Phallometric Assessments?
Distinguishing and Combining Risks for Sexual and Violent Recidivism
Risk Assessment: Discussion of the Section
Legislative Responses to Sexual Violence: An Overview
A Sex Equality Approach to Sexual Assault
Rape-Law Reform circa June 2002: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?
Asking What Before We Ask Why: Taxonomy, Etiology, and Rape
Sex Offender Reentry Courts: A Cost Effective Proposal for Managing Sex Offender Risk in the Community
Sexual Aggression: Mad, Bad, and Mad
Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification: Emerging Legal and Research Issues
Legislative Responses: Summary of Presentations
Legislative Responses: Panel Critique
Overview of Rehabilitative Efforts in Understanding and Managing Sexually Coercive Behaviors
Restorative Justice for Sexual Violence: Repairing Victims, Building Community, and Holding Offenders Accountable
Juvenile Sexual Offenders: Characteristics, Interventions, and Policy Issues
Sexual Offender Containment: Use of the Postconviction Polygraph
The Size and Sign of Treatment Effects in Sex Offender Therapy
Remediation: Panel Discussion and Peer Commentary
Implications of Public Health for Policy on Sexual Violence
Victim and Citizen Perspectives on Sexual Offender Policy
After Hendricks : Defining Constitutional Treatment for Washington State's Civil Commitment Program
Sexual Offender Commitment in the United States: Legislative and Policy Concerns
Emerging Issues, Policy Changes, and the Future of Treating Children with Sexual Behavior Problems