In Memory of Henry Emil Kandrup
Henry Kandrup's Ideas About Relaxation of Stellar Systems
Chaotic Collisionless Evolution in Galaxies and Charged-Particle Beams
Chaotic Dynamics in Charged-Particle Beams: Possible Analogs of Galactic Evolution
The University of Maryland Electron Ring: A Platform For Study of Galactic Dynamics on a Laboratory Scale
Wavelet-Based Poisson Solver for Use in Particle-in-Cell Simulations
Energy Trapping in Loaded String Models with Long- and Short-Range Couplings
Characterization of Chaos: A New, Fast, and Effective Measure
Hard Sphere Dynamics for Normal and Granular Fluids
Nonlinear Stability of Newtonian Galaxies and Stars from a Mathematical Perspective
Chaos in Orbits Due to Disk Crossings
Systems with Escapes
On Bars and Haloes: Their Interaction and Their Orbital Structure
The Basic Dynamical Mechanism in Spiral Galaxies
The Two Pattern Speeds of NGC 3359
Evolution of Binary Supermassive Black Holes via Chain Regularization
Gravitomagnetic Field and Penrose Scattering Processes
Self-Gravity Driven Instabilities at Accelerated Interfaces
Dynamics of Intracluster Gas and Bulk Motions in Clusters
Resonance Bands and Binary-Star Formation
The Symplectic Group and Classical Mechanics
Chaos and Quantum Mechanics