Perspectives on Violence
A Protoscientific Master Metaphor for Framing Violence
Sexual Aggression toward Women : Reducing the Prevalence
Adolescent Girls Speak about Violence in Their Community
Who Wins in the Status Games? Violence, Sexual Violence, and an Emerging Single Standard among Adolescent Women
Cyberspace Violence against Girls and Adolescent Females
Early Violence Prevention Programs : Implications for Violence Prevention Against Girls and Women
International Perspectives on Sexual Harassment of College Students : The Sounds of Silence
Intimate Partner Violence : New Directions
Battered Woman Syndrome : Empirical Findings
Factors That Influence Abusive Interactions between Aging Women and Their Caregivers
Violence and Exploitation against Women and Girls with Disability
Gender-Based Violence : Concepts, Methods, and Findings
Restoring Rape Survivors : Justice, Advocacy, and a Call to Action
Violence against Women as a Public Health Issue
Cultural Beliefs and Domestic Violence
Violence against Women in Mexico : Conceptualization and Program Application
Domestic Violence in the Chinese and South Asian Immigrant Communities
Domestic Violence in Israel : Changing Attitudes
Lack of Mutual Respect in Relationship : The Endangered Partner
Violence against Pregnant Women in Northwestern Ontario
An Exploration of Female Genital Mutilation
International Sexual Harassment
United Nations Measures to Stop Violence against Women
Summary and Conclusion