Historical Note Regarding the Discovery of the Na/Ca Exchanger and the PMCA
What We Know about the Structure of NCX1 and How It Relates to Its Function
Structural Basis for Ca2+ Regulation in the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger
Structure–Function Relationships of the NCKX2 Na+/Ca2+-K+ Exchanger
Examining Ca2+ Extrusion of Na+/Ca2+-K+ Exchangers
Topologic Investigation of the NCKX2 Na+/Ca2+-K+ Exchanger α-Repeats
Transmembrane Segments I, II, and VI of the Canine Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Are in Proximity
Effect of Ca2+ on Protein Kinase A-Mediated Phosphorylation of a Specific Serine Residue in an Expressed Peptide Containing the Ca2+-Regulatory Domain of Scallop Muscle Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger
Regulation of the Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger by Calcineurin and Protein Kinase C
New Modes of Exchanger Regulation
Shedding Light on the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger
The Regulation of the Na/Ca Exchanger and Plasmalemmal Ca2+ ATPase by Other Proteins
Phosphorylation and Other Conundrums of Na/Ca Exchanger, NCX1
Regulation of Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger by Phospholemman
The Squid Preparation as a General Model for Ionic and Metabolic Na+/Ca2+ Exchange Interactions
Some Biochemical Properties of the Upregulation of the Squid Nerve Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger by MgATP and Phosphoarginine
Ionic Selectivity of NCKX2, NCKX3, and NCKX4 for Monovalent Cations at K+-Binding Site
In Bovine Heart Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Maximal Ca2+ i Affinity Requires Simultaneously High pHi and PtdIns-4,5-P2 Binding to the Carrier
NCX Current in the Murine Embryonic Heart
Gender Differences in Na/Ca Exchanger Current and β-Adrenergic Responsiveness in Heart Failure in Pig Myocytes
Roles of NCX and PMCA in Basolateral Calcium Export Associated with Mineralization Cycles and Cold Acclimation in Crayfish
Modulation Pathways of NCX mRNA Stability
Regulation of Ncx1 Gene Expression in the Normal and Hypertrophic Heart
Cyclosporin A-Dependent Downregulation of the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Expression
Functional Significance of Na+/Ca2+ Exchangers Co-localization with Ryanodine Receptors
Three Types of Muscles Express Three Sodium–Calcium Exchanger Isoforms
Plasma Membrane Ca2+ ATPases as Dynamic Regulators of Cellular Calcium Handling
Functional Specificity of PMCA Isoforms?
Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPase and Its Relationship to Nitric Oxide Signaling in the Heart
Functional Importance of PMCA Isoforms in Growth and Development of PC12 Cells
Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Knockout Mice
Distinct Phenotypes among Plasma Membrane Ca2+-ATPase Knockout Mice
Role of Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPase Isoform 2 in Neuronal Function in the Cerebellum and Spinal Cord
Increased Tolerance to Ischemic Neuronal Damage by Knockdown of Na+–Ca2+ Exchanger Isoform 1
Resistance of Cardiac Cells to NCX Knockout
Homozygous Overexpression of the Na+-Ca2+ Exchanger in Mice
Na/Ca Exchange
Na:Ca Stoichiometry and Cytosolic Ca-Dependent Activation of NCX in Intact Cardiomyocytes
Na/Ca Exchange and Cardiac Ventricular Arrhythmias
The Role of the Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger in Reverse Remodeling
Regulation of Na+/Ca2+ Exchange Current in the Normal and Failing Heart
Phosphorylation of Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger in TAB-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy
Role of Ca2+ Transporters and Channels in the Cardiac Cell Volume Regulation
NCX and NCKX Operation in Ischemic Neurons
Na+/Ca2+ Exchange and Ca2+ Homeostasis in Axon Terminals of Mammalian Central Neurons
ncx1, ncx2, and ncx3 Gene Product Expression and Function in Neuronal Anoxia and Brain Ischemia
Sodium–Calcium Exchanger in Pulmonary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells
Rapid Downregulation of NCX and PMCA in Hippocampal Neurons Following H2O2 Oxidative Stress
Cleavage of the Plasma Membrane Ca+ATPase during Apoptosis
The Plasma Membrane Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Is Cleaved by Distinct Protease Families in Neuronal Cell Death
Role of Na/Ca Exchange and the Plasma Membrane Ca2+–ATPase in β Cell Function and Death
Overexpression of Na/Ca Exchanger Reduces Viability and Proliferation of Gliosarcoma Cells
Redox Modulation of the Apoptogenic Activity of Thapsigargin
The Role of Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger in Endothelin-1-Aggravated Hypoxia/Reoxygenation-Induced Injury in Renal Epithelial Cells
Involvement of Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Type-1 in Ischemia-Induced Neovascularization in the Mouse Hindlimb
The Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Isoform 3 (NCX3) but Not Isoform 2 (NCX2) and 1 (NCX1) Singly Transfected in BHK Cells Plays a Protective Role in a Model of in Vitro Hypoxia
Involvement of the Potassium-Dependent Sodium/Calcium Exchanger Gene Product NCKX2 in the Brain Insult Induced by Permanent Focal Cerebral Ischemia
Analysis of Calcium Changes in Endoplasmic Reticulum during Apoptosis by the Fluorescent Indicator Chlortetracycline
Sodium–Calcium Exchangers in the Nucleus
Mitochondrial Ca2+ Flux through Na+/Ca2+ Exchange
Non-apoptogenic Ca2+-Related Extrusion of Mitochondria in Anoxia/Reoxygenation Stress
Na+/Ca2+ Exchange as a Drug Target—Insights from Molecular Pharmacology and Genetic Engineering
Inhibitory Mechanism of SN-6, A Novel Benzyloxyphenyl Na+–Ca2+ Exchange Inhibitor
Electrophysiological Effects of SN-6, a Novel Na+/Ca2+ Exchange Inhibitor on Membrane Currents in Guinea Pig Ventricular Myocytes
Directionality in Drug Action on Sodium–Calcium Exchange