Some Key Features in the Evolution of Self Psychology and Psychoanalysis
One Case, Four Theories
The Evolution of the Psychology of the Self
Trauma-Centered Psychoanalysis
Empathic Understanding
On Ideals and Idealization
Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and Its Conceptual Development in Light of Developmental Psychology, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience
From Selfobjects to Dialogue
My Relational Self Psychology
A Self-Psychological Approach to the Study of Biography
Embracing the Limits of Psychoanalysis
Art and Self
Selfobject as Dramatis Personae
Relational Trauma and the Developing Right Brain
The Interface of Self Psychology, Infant Research, and Neuroscience in Clinical Practice
Self Psychology and the Modern Dance Choreographer
My Life with Self Psychology
Intersubjective Systems Theory
The Road to My (Self) Psychology
From Self Psychology to Selves in Relationship
How Self Psychology Found Me
Theory Is Personal
Peeling the Onion
The Journey of a Psychoanalyst