Recent advances in nuclear cardiology in the study of coronary artery disease
Topics in pulmonary nuclear medicine
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Accumulation of 99mTc-HMPAO and 99mTc-ECD in rodent and human breast tumor cell lines in vitro
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Carbon-11 labeled ethionine and propionine as tumor detecting agents
Precision of the gallbladder ejection fraction obtained with Tc-99m-pyridoxyl-5-methyl-tryptophan (99mTc-PMT) hepatobiliary scintigraphy as compared with the contraction ratio in three-dimensional computed tomography
Evaluation of left ventricular wall motion and function in patients with previous myocardial infarction by three-dimensional 99mTc-HSAD multigated cardiac pool imaging
Scan findings of various myocardial SPECT agents in a case of amyloid polyneuropathy with suspected myocardial involvement
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Visualization of uveal amelanotic melanoma with technetium-99m(V) dimercaptosuccinic acid
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