Retention of Tc-99m ECD in delayed SPECT of the brain
Simple scintigraphic parameters with Tc-99m galactosyl human serum albumin for clinical staging of chronic hepatocellular dysfunction
Phase changes caused by hyperventilation stress in spastic angina pectoris analyzed by first-pass radionuclide ventriculography
Evaluation of the cardiac autonomic nervous system in spontaneously non-insulin-dependent diabetic rats by 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine imaging
Effects of ion channel modulators in the influx and efflux of Tc-99m-MIBI
Abnormal fatty acid metabolism in patients with coronary vasospasm
Reverse redistribution of Tc-99m-tetrofosmin in patients with acute myocardial infarction
Ga-67 tumor scan in malignant diffuse mesothelioma —Comparison with CT and pathological findings—
Increased FDG uptake in the wall of the right atrium in people who participated in a cancer screening program with whole-body PET
A trial for the quantification of regional myocardial blood flow with continuous infusion of Tc-99m MIBI and dynamic SPECT
Performance stability of SHR-2000 high resolution PET for animal research
The 2nd Assembly of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Cardiology