Palliative analgesic effect of Re-186 HEDP in various cancer patients with bone metastases
Evaluation of iodinated and brominated [11C]styrylxanthine derivatives as in vivo radioligands mapping adenosine A2A receptor in the central nervous system
Relationship between cancer cell proliferation and thallium-201 uptake in lung cancer
Clinical evaluation of 99mTc-Technegas SPECT in thoracoscopic lung volume reduction surgery in patients with pulmonary emphysema
Phantom study of fusion image of CT and SPECT with body-contour generated from external Compton scatter sources
Fundamental study of hot spot detectability in 3-dimensional positron emission tomography
Preclinical evaluation of [11C]SA4503 : radiation dosimetry, in vivo selectivity and PET imaging of sigma1 receptors in the cat brain
Uptake of 99mTc-tetrofosmin, 99mTc-MIBI and 201TI in malignant thymoma
Resolution of Ga-67 citrate uptake in the left neck mass of Hodgkin's disease and reversion of double scoliosis of cervical-thoracic and lower lumbar vertebrae
Uncommon and dynamic changes detected by 123I-15-(p-iodophenyl)-3-R,S-methylpentadecanoic acid myocardial single photon emission computed tomography in a stunned myocardium induced by coronary microvascular spasm
FDG PET in the clinical evaluation of sarcoidosis with bone lesions
Diffuse and marked breast uptake of both 123I-BMIPP and 99mTc-TF by myocardial scintigraphy
In-111 platelets used in evaluation of emboli and thrombi in patients with cerebrovascular accident