From tumor biology to clinical PET
The CdTe detector module and its imaging performance
Prevalence of deep venous thrombosis in the lower limbs and the pelvis and pulmonary embolism in patients with positive antiphospholipid antibodies
Retention mechanism of hypoxia selective nuclear imaging/radiotherapeutic agent Cu-diacetyl-bis( N 4-methylthiosemicarbazone) (Cu-ATSM) in tumor cells
The role of whole-body FDG-PET in preoperative assessment of tumor staging in oral cancers
Evaluation of crossed cerebellar diaschisis in 30 patients with major cerebral artery occlusion by means of quantitative I-123 IMP SPECT
Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis of images reconstructed with iterative expectation maximization algorithms
Usefulness of indium-111-oxine-labeled leukocyte scintigraphy in diagnosis of inflammation associated with chronic aortic dissection
Use of digirad 2020tc Imager TM, a multi-crystal scintillation camera with solid-state detectors in one case for the imaging of autografts of parathyroid glands
Positivity of extrapulmonary Ga-67 uptake in sarcoidosis
Letter to the Editor