Amyloid-plaque imaging in early and differential diagnosis of dementia
The effect of giving detailed information about intravenous radiopharmaceutical administration on the anxiety level of patients who request more information
Additional value of integrated PET/CT over PET alone in the initial staging and follow up of head and neck malignancy
No inhibitory effect on P-glycoprotein function at blood-brain barrier by clinical dose of clarithromycin : a human PET study with [11C]verapamil
Design and performance from an integrated PET/MRI system for small animals
The validity of multi-center common normal database for identifying myocardial ischemia : Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine working group database
How to manage RI venography in pre-orthopedic surgery patients
F-18 FDG PET/CT evaluation of radiotherapy response in rare case of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma
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