Contents Vol. 69, 2016
Acute Overfeeding Does Not Alter Liver or Adipose Tissue-Derived Cytokines in Healthy Humans
Childhood Health Consequences of Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy
Central Obesity and Liver Iron Content
A Pilot Study Examining the Effects of 8-Week Whey Protein versus Whey Protein Plus Creatine Supplementation on Body Composition and Performance Variables in Resistance-Trained Women
Khat ( Catha edulis ) and Obesity
More Attention Should Be Paid to Monitoring of Abdominal Obesity among Children and Adolescents
Nutrition Status, Nutrition Support Therapy, and Food Intake are Related to Prolonged Hospital Stays in China
rs1501299 Polymorphism in the Adiponectin Gene and Their Association with Total Adiponectin Levels, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Subjects
Reduced Serum Levels of Zinc and Superoxide Dismutase in Obese Individuals
Weight Status Is Associated with Blood Pressure, Vital Capacity, Dental Decay, and Visual Acuity among School-Age Children in Chengdu, China
Compliance with Dietary Guidelines and Increased Fortification Can Double Vitamin D Intake
The rs1862513 Variant in Resistin Gene-Modified Insulin Resistance and Insulin Levels after Weight Loss Secondary to Hypocaloric Diet
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