Jeff Elphick: President of the BOHS 2002–2003
The 1968 BOHS Chrysotile Asbestos Standard
Cold Exposure During Helicopter Rescue Operations in the Western Alps
Occupational Exposure to Metalworking Fluid Mist and Sump Fluid Contaminants
Evaluation of Five Extraction Protocols for Quantification of Endotoxin in Metalworking Fluid Aerosol
Retrospective Exposure Assessment and Quality Control in an International Multi-centre Case–Control Study
Critical Evaluation of Historical Occupational Aerosol Exposure Records: Applications to Nickel and Lead
Determination of Potential Dermal and Inhalation Operator Exposure to Malathion in Greenhouses with the Whole Body Dosimetry Method
DREAM: A Method for Semi-quantitative Dermal Exposure Assessment
Who Qualifies to be an Expert?
Who Qualifies to be an Expert?
Deposited Submicrometer Particulate