Diesel Exhaust Assessment
Systematic Review of Respiratory Outbreaks Associated with Exposure to Water-Based Metalworking Fluids
The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study
A Comparative Field Study on Dust Measurements by Different Sampling Methods with Emphasis on Estimating Factors for Recalculation from Chinese ‘Total Dust’ Measurements to Respirable Dust Concentrations
Quartz Measurement in Coal Dust with High-Flow Rate Samplers
Use of the MEGA Exposure Database for the Validation of the Stoffenmanager Model
Potentially Pathogenic Bacteria and Antimicrobial Resistance in Bioaerosols from Cage-Housed and Floor-Housed Poultry Operations
Tensile Properties and Integrity of Clean Room and Low-Modulus Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Triaging Jobs in a Community-Based Case–Control Study to Increase Efficiency of the Expert Occupational Assessment Method
MDHS 25 Revisited
The Effect of Two Sock Fabrics on Perception and Physiological Parameters Associated with Blister Incidence