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Transcriptional profiling of tumor biopsies in oncology trials—a ‘window’ of opportunity for evaluating new drugs in nasopharyngeal cancer?
Current treatment options and biology of peritoneal mesothelioma: meeting summary of the first NIH peritoneal mesothelioma conference
Tumour stem cell-targeted treatment: elimination or differentiation
Celecoxib reduces microvessel density in patients treated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma and induces changes in gene expression
Clinical outcome of adjuvant endocrine treatment according to PR and HER-2 status in early breast cancer
Clinical outcomes of ethnic minority women in MA.17: a trial of letrozole after 5 years of tamoxifen in postmenopausal women with early stage breast cancer
Low number of examined lymph nodes in node-negative breast cancer patients is an adverse prognostic factor
FDG-PET for prediction of survival of patients with metastatic colorectal carcinoma
Pharmacokinetic and demographic markers of 5-fluorouracil toxicity in 181 patients on adjuvant therapy for colorectal cancer
Anemia may influence the outcome of patients undergoing neo-adjuvant treatment of rectal cancer
Correlation between tumor response to first-line chemotherapy and prognosis in advanced gastric cancer patients
Thyroid transcription factor 1—a new prognostic factor in lung cancer: a meta-analysis
Assessing interactions between mdm-2, p53, and bcl-2 as prognostic variables in muscle-invasive bladder cancer treated with neo-adjuvant chemotherapy followed by locoregional surgical treatment
Sequential gemcitabine and cisplatin followed by docetaxel as first-line treatment of advanced urothelial carcinoma: a multicenter phase II study of the Hellenic Oncology Research Group
Long-term results of a prospective trial of mantle irradiation alone for early-stage Hodgkin's disease
Is a patient's self-reported health-related quality of life a prognostic factor for survival in non-small-cell lung cancer patients? A multivariate analysis of prognostic factors of EORTC study 08975
An induction dose of epoetin α of 40 000 IU daily for three consecutive days increases and maintains hemoglobin levels in anemic cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
A phase I safety, pharmacological and biological study of the farnesyl protein transferase inhibitor, tipifarnib and capecitabine in advanced solid tumors
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors causing hypothyroidism in a patient on levothyroxine
Rituximab-related urticarial reaction in a patient treated for primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma
Bacteria-eradicating therapy for ocular adnexal MALT lymphoma: questions for an open international prospective trial
Prolonged clinical remission in patients with extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue type treated with cladribine: 6 year follow-up of a phase II trial
Serious delayed hypersensitivity reaction to oxaliplatin
Role of platinum-based radio-chemotherapy for locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: possible influence of type of platinum on survival data