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Introduction from Prof. Nicholas Pavlidis, Greece ECLU 2008 working Group Chair
Long-term survivorship after cancer: how far have we come?
Biomarkers in drug development
Cancer and pregnancy
Cancer stem cells
Translating genetic pathways to protein networks for cancer sub-typing
HPV vaccines and cervical cancer
Nutritional issues in anti-cancer treatment
New insights into molecular mechanisms of haematological malignancies
Recent therapeutic advances in hematological malignancies: the role of targeted therapies in lymphoma
New treatments in multiple myeloma: beyond optimal treatment
Recent therapeutic advances in hematological malignancies: dealing with treatment-related complications
Genetic counseling: what is important to know in your clinic
The clinical implications of genetics. BRCA1- and BRCA2-positive: how do I proceed? Implications for ovarian cancer prevention
The implications of genetics in colorectal cancer
Current role of surgery and multimodal treatment in localized gastric cancer
Perioperative or postoperative therapy for resectable gastric cancer?
The treatment of advanced gastric cancer: current strategies and future perspectives
Pathology: is it still necessary?
Preoperative therapy: what, when and for whom?
Progress in radiotherapy for early breast cancer
Recent advances in adjuvant systemic therapy for early-stage breast cancer
eso symposium: breast cancer in young women
basic science and bench to bedside (lab)
breast cancer, advanced
breast cancer, early
chest tumors
colorectal cancer
developmental therapeutics
genitourinary tumors
geriatric oncology
gynecological cancer
head and neck cancer
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neuroendocrine tumors and cup
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upper gastrointestinal tumors
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