Chemotherapy benefit for ‘ER-positive’ breast cancer and contamination of Nonluminal subtypes—waiting for TAILORx and RxPONDER

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BackgroundRetrospective analyses of NSABP B20 and SWOG 8814 showed a large benefit of chemotherapy in patients with ER-positive tumors and high OncotypeDX Recurrence Score (RS≥31). However, it might be possible that both studies may be contaminated by non-luminal tumors, especially in high-risk RS group.MethodsWe conducted simulations in order to obtain a better understanding of how the NSABP B20 and SWOG 8814 results would have been if non-luminal breast cancer would have been excluded. Simulations were done separately for the node-negative and node-positive cohorts.Results and conclusionThe results of the simulations suggest that the non-luminal tumors are augmenting the apparent benefit of chemotherapy, but do not appear to be responsible for the entire effect. These simulations could provide information about the potential influence of contamination by unexpected tumor subtypes on the future results of TAILORx and RxPONDER clinical trials

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