Home administration of bortezomib in multiple myeloma is cost-effective and is preferred by patients compared with hospital administration: results of a prospective single-center study

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BackgroundSubcutaneous (s.c.) administration of bortezomib is the most widely used route of administration for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma. No study has as yet prospectively evaluated home versus hospital administration of s.c. bortezomib with respect to patient preference and cost.Patients and methodsIn this prospective trial, myeloma patients received the first administration of s.c. bortezomib of each cycle in the outpatient unit of the Department of Hematology. When possible, all subsequent doses of bortezomib within each cycle were provided at home. A cost analysis was carried out to compare the average cost of an injection of bortezomib in the outpatient unit and at home. In order to compare hospital and home administration of bortezomib for preference and satisfaction, patients had to complete 2 simple questionnaires analyzing 16 criteria, such as quality of life, well-being, social life, satisfaction, safety, quality of care, the reduction in personal transportation time, and personal anxiety. Each item was analyzed using a Likert scale.ResultsFifty patients were studied. Overall, a total of 1043 s.c. injections of bortezomib were carried out, 655 (62.8%) at home, and 388 (35.2%) in the outpatient unit. The cost analysis showed that the total cost of one s.c. injection of bortezomib in the outpatient unit was €1510.09 versus €1224.57 for the home administration, which represents a reduction of €285.52, i.e. 20% of the cost of the hospital administration. The evaluation of patient preference and satisfaction showed that home administration improved the quality of life in 84% of the patients, increased well-being in 78%, and improved the activities of daily living in 72% of the cases. Overall, 98% of the patients noted their preference for home administration over the hospital administration of bortezomib.ConclusionHome administration of s.c. bortezomib is cost-effective and is preferred by myeloma patients compared with hospital administration.

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