The Origins of Geometric Programming
Design of Civil Engineering Frame Structures Using a Monomial/Newton Hybrid Method
VLSI Circuit Performance Optimization by Geometric Programming*
Estimating the Firm Value Distribution Function by Entropy Optimization and Geometric Programming
Proximity Function Minimization Using Multiple Bregman Projections, with Applications to Split Feasibility and Kullback–Leibler Distance Minimization
Nonlinear and Geometric Programming – Current Status
The Fundamental Relations between Geometric Programming Duality, Parametric Programming Duality, and Ordinary Lagrangian Duality*
Proving Strong Duality for Geometric Optimization Using a Conic Formulation
Quality Tolerancing and Conjugate Duality
A Cutting Plane Algorithm for Linear Reverse Convex Programs
Convexification, Concavification and Monotonization in Global Optimization