Referees Used for the Special Issue of the Annals
An Improved IP Formulation for the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem
A Wavefront Approach to Center Location Problems with Barriers
Maximizing Trip Coverage in the Location of a Single Rapid Transit Alignment
Approximate Solutions of Continuous Dispersion Problems
The Stochastic Location-Assignment Problem on a Tree
A Continuous Location-Allocation Problem with Zone-Dependent Fixed Cost
Planar Location Problems with Block Distance and Barriers
Heuristic Procedures for Solving the Discrete Ordered Median Problem
Demand Point Aggregation for Planar Covering Location Models
The K-Connection Location Problem in a Plane
Locating Stops Along Bus or Railway Lines—A Bicriteria Problem
Locating Active Sensors on Traffic Networks
Filtering Policies in Loss Queuing Network Location Problems
Looking Ahead with the Pilot Method
Evaluation of Plant Focus Strategies
Location of Service Facilities for the Elderly