XXVI. Middle Ear Disease in its Relationship to the Cranial Cavity
XXVII. Report of a Case of Ulcerative Laryngitis, Simulating Tuberculosis Which Promptly Yielded to Mercurial Treatment
XXVIII On the Correction of Old Traumatic Depressions of the Nose by Subcutaneous Plastic Operation
XXIX. A Case of Persistent Laryngeal Obstruction in a Child
XXX. A Case of Epidermoid Cancer of the Soft Palate
XXXI. Papilloma of the Vocal Cords—A Report of Five Cases
XXXII. The Surgical Treatment of Otic Sclerosis
XXXIII. The Pathology, Diagnosis, Special Prophylaxis and Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Middle Ear
XXXIV. Leucoplakia
Abstracts from Current Otologic, Rhinologic and Laryngologic Literature