XXXVII. The Etiology and Treatment of Mycosis Occurring in the Upper Respiratory Tract
XXXVIII. Review of Mastoid Cases Operated in Aural Service of Boston City Hospital, October, 1903, to May, 1904 (Inclusive)
XXXIX. Obstruction of the Eustachian Tube a Factor in Post-Operative Mastoid Fistula and in Chronic Suppuration of the Middle Ear
XL. Carcinoma of the Larynx
XLI. An Unusual Case of Laryngeal Syphilis Requiring Tracheotomy
XLII. A Case of Infective Thrombosis of the Sigmoid and Lateral Sinuses after Acute Mastoiditis. Death from Meningitis. Autopsy Report
XLIII. Meningitis : Its Symptomatology, Diagnosis and Treatment, with Report of a Case
XLIV. Symptomatology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Encephalitis and Brain Abscess
XLV. Symptomatology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Sigmoid Sinus Thrombosis
XLVI. Pathologic Findings of Intra-Cranial Complications of Middle Ear Diseases
XLVII. Personal Attention an Essential Feature in the Treatment of Chronic Aural Discharges
XLVIII. Tumors of the Ear
XLIX. An Interesting Anomaly of the Facial Canal
L. A New Method of Tympanic Massage by Means of Metallic Mercury
Abstracts from Current Otologic, Rhinologic and Laryngologic Literature