XVI. A Lecture on Some Unusual Manifestations of Syphilis in the Upper Air Passages
XVII. An Unusual Growth of the Mastoid Process, Fibro-Chondro-Osteoma of the Mastoid Antrum
XVIII. The Indications for Operative Interference in Mastoiditis Associated with Acute Suppurative Otitis Media
XIX. A Case of Primary Syphilitic Infection in the Nose
XX. Report of a Case of Abscess of the Temporo-Sphenoidal Lobe of an Otitic Origin
XXI. Indications and Contraindications for Intralaryngeal Operation in Tuberculosis of the Larynx, with Report of Three Cases
XXII. Mouth-Breathing in Relation to Mental and Moral Hygiene
XXIII. An Operation for the Painless and Bloodless Removal of Submerged and Adult Tonsils
XXIV. Section of Temporal Bone; Temporal Bone of Child; Metal Cast of Ear
XXV. Eustachian Catheterization through the Mouth, with Report of an Illustrative Case
XXVI. Demonstration of Sequester of the Temporal Bone Obtained during a Mastoid Operation
XXVII. A New Tonsillotomie
XXVIII. Nasal Obstruction a Cause of Deafness
XXIX. The Morphology and Embryology of the Nasal Fossae of Vertebrates
Abstracts from Current Otologic, Phinologic and Laryngologic Literature