XLVI. Bernhard Fraenkel — What He Has Done for Rhino-Laryngology
XLVII. Bernhard Fraenkel's Contributions to Medical Literature
XLVIII. Diseases of the Trachea — Anomalies, Hemorrhage, Inflammations and Infections
XLIX. Tumors of the Trachea
L. Stenoses of the Trachea
LI. Foreign Bodies in the Trachea and Tracheoscopy
LII. A Study of the Anatomy of the Accessory Cavities of the Nose by Topographic Projections
LIII. The Function of the Accessory Cavities of the Nose
LIV. General Pathologic Processes Associated with or following Infections of the Accessory Sinuses
LV. Gastroscopy
LVI. Congenital Laryngeal Stridor
LVII. Channels of Infection in Tuberculosis
LVIII. Sarcoma of the Nose, with a Consideration of the Spontaneous Disappearance of Malignant Growths
LIX. Middle Ear Suppuration as an Etiologic Factor in Retropharyngeal Abscess
XXXIV. The Importance of the Upper Respiratory Tract in the Etiology of Cryptogenetic Infections, Especially in Relation to Pleuritis
LX. The Qualities of the Sense of Smell
LXI. The Early History of Laryngology in America
LXII. Reminiscences
LXIII. Contribution to the Etiology of Atrophic Rhinitis
XXXV. The Morphology of the Turbinals
LXIV. Laryngeal Disturbances Produced by Voice Use
LXV. The Removal of Adenoid Vegetations through the Nasal Passages by a New Method
LXVI. President's Address before the American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society, Kansas City, 1906
LXVII. The Diffuse Hyperplastic Laryngitis and Pharyngitis of Congenital Syphilis
XXXVI. Giant Tumors of the Larynx
LXVIII. Cough in Diseases of the Recurrent Nerve
LXIX. A Contribution to the Differential Diagnosis of Certain Malignant Diseases of the Lymphoid Tissue of the Throat
LXX. Malignant Disease of the Tongue, with a Report of Two Cases
XXXVII. The Operative Treatment of Malignant Tumors of the Nose
LXXI. Treatment after the Radical Operation for Chronic Suppurative Frontal Antritis
LXXII. How Far are Abnormalities of the Nasal Septum Responsible for Mal-Function of the Nose?
XXXVIII. Cysts, Abscesses, and Edema of the Epiglottis
LXXIII. Skiagraphy in the Diagnosis of Frontal Sinusitis
XXXIX. Some Interesting Cases of Diseases of the Alveolar Process
XL. Submucous Resection in Ozena
XLI. The Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Upper Air Passages
LXXIV. The Nasopharynx and the Throat in the Deaf Mute
LXXV. Persistent Unilateral Headache, Due to Nevoid Changes in the Bone of the Middle Turbinal Body
LXXVI. The Etiology of Hyperkeratosis of the Tonsils
XLII. The Influence of Adrenalin in the Causation of Arterio-Sclerosis
Abstracts from Current Otoloic, Rhinologic and Laryngologic Literature
LXXVII. Laryngeal Phlegmon
LXXVIII. An Original Research on the Cause of Vocal Nodules
LXXIX. Carcinoma of the Larynx—Operation and Specimen
LXXX. The Clinical Anatomy of the Tonsil
Book Review
Book Review
Book Review
LXXXI. Some Observations of Submucous Resection of the Nasal Septum by the Open Method
LXXXII. The Catheterization Treatment of Acute Frontal Sinus Inflammations by the Internal Method
LXXXIII. On the Permanence of the Improvement in the Shape of the Nose Obtained by the Subcutaneous Injection of Hard Paraffin
LXXXIV. A Short Note on Submucous Resection of Triangular Cartilage
LXXXV. A Case of Multiple Recurring Papillomata of the Larynx
LXXXVI. A Statistical Report of the Results of Operation in Sarcoma of the Nose by Methods Generally Adopted, with a Plea for the More Extended Use of the Electro-Cautery in Suitable Cases
LXXXVII. Two Cases of Stammering, Illustrating the Importance of Early Treatment
LXXXVIII. Violent Epistaxis in a Gouty Patient
LXXXIX. The Importance of Diseases of the Nose in Treatment of the So-Called Scrofulous Diseases of the Eye
XC. Nasal Operations
XCI. Pseudo-Frontal Sinusitis; Sub-Periosteal Abscess of the Forehead Complicated by Thrombo-Phlebitis of the Supeperior Longitudinal Sinus Extending to the Lateral Sinus and Jugular Vein on the opposite Side; Meningitis; Death; Necropsy
XCII. Intercrico-Thyroid Tracheotomy and Decanulation
XCIII. Novel Method of Treatment of Synechia of the Pharynx
XCIV. A New Self-Retaining Nasal Speculum