XLIX. Vitamins in Human and Animal Nutrition
L. Diet in Connection with Diseases of the Lymphatic System, Especially of the Upper Air Tract
LI. The Relation of Deficiency Diet to Diseases of the Sinuses
LII. Deficiency Diet in Relation to the Skeleton, Especially in Connection with the Bone Affections of the Head
LIII. The Necessity for a Scientific Investigation of the Causes of Hypertrophy of the Lymphoid Elements of the Pharynx
LIV. Deafness in Syphilis : An Audiometric Study
LV. Further Experience with the Dichloramin Treatment of Mastoid Wounds
LVI. A Contribution to the Study of Chronic Progressive Deafness, with a Plea for a Nation-Wide Investigation
LVII. A Case of Infection by Brucella Melitensis Var. Abortus Complicating Tonsillectomy
LVIII. The Sinus in Perspective
LIX. Considerations for and against Curetting and Exenterating Sinus Operations
LX. Specific Protein Reactions in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
LXI. Report of a Case of Mixed Tumor of the Parotid Type Growing from the Posterior Aspect of the Thyroid Cartilage
LXII. Chronic Ethmoiditis : Its Conservative Surgical Treatment
LXIII. Histopathology of Sinusitis and Mastoiditis
LXIV. The Relation of Sinus Disease to Hay Fever
LXV. Limitations of the Functional. Tests in the Differential Diagnosis of Deafness
LXVI. Anatomic Studies of the Sphenopalatine Ganglion and the Posterior Palatine Canal. With Special Reference to the Use of the Latter as the Injection Route of Choice
LXVII. Chronic Nonpurulent Sinusitis and its Clinical Significance
LXVIII. The Use of the New Magnesium Alloy Tuning Forks
LXIX. Nontuberculous Lesions of the Larynx in the Tuberculous
LXX. Education of the General Physician and Public to the Sinus Problem
LXXI. The Function of the Muscular Attachments of the Tonsil
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