XI. A Study in Transillumination
XII. The Fundamentals of Allergic Rhinitis with Particular Reference to Ionization (Iontophoresis)
XIII. How Does the Organ of Corti Distinguish Pitch?
XIV. The Mechanics of the Middle Ear Prosthesis
XV. Some Sphenopalatine Syndromes
XVI. The Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Nerves in Bronchial Asthma
XVII. The Autonomic Nervous System
XVIII. Pathways Involved in Pains of Nasal and Paranasal Origin Referred to the Lower Cervical and Upper Thoracic Segments and the Upper Extremity
XIX. Ciliated Nasal Epithelium
XX. Spontaneous (Nontraumatic) Atlanto-Axial Subluxation
XXI. A Satisfactory Method for the Irradiation of Malignant Disease of the Esophagus
XXII. Telangiectasia of the Nose
XXIII. The Treatment, other Than Operative, of the Nasal Accessory Sinuses
XXIV. Rhinoliths
XXV. Plasma Cell Tumors of the Nose and Nasopharynx
XXVI. The Pharyngeal Lymphatics as a Focus of Infection
XXVII. Extensive Bilateral Subdural Abscess. Microscopic Study of the Meninges and Brain
XXVIII. An Intravenous Anesthetic in Tonsillectomies
XXIX. The Physical Chemistry of Vasography
XXX. Prevention of Postauricular Fistula by Periosteal and Subcutaneous Tissue Flaps
XXXI. Improved Technic for Submucous Turbinectomy
XXXII. The Treatment of Laryngeal Diphtheria
XXXIII Otosclerosis
XXXIV. Otitic Hydrocephalus with a Suggestion as to Etiology
XXXV. Adenocarcinoma of the External Auditory Canal
XXXVI. Mixed Tumor of the Nasal Septum
XXXVII. Lymphosarcoma of the Larynx
XXXVIII. Congenital Bony Atresia of the Right Posterior Naris
Edward Bradford Dench
Robert Barany 1876–1936
Arthur B. Duel
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