XXVII The Effects of Chemical Substances upon the Electrical Responses of the Cochlea. I. The Application of Sodium Chloride to the round Window Membrane
XXVIII The Defense Mechanisms of the Upper Respiratory Tract
XXIX A New Method of Radium Application in Cancer of the Bronchus
XXX Benign Strictures of the Esophagus
XXXI Anatomy of the Bronchial Tree and its Clinical Application
XXXII Relapsing Alternating Peripheral Facial Paralysis
XXXIII Congenital Choanal Atresia
XXXIV Pharyngeal Reconstruction for Nasopharyngeal Stenosis
XXXV The Cause of Dizziness in Head Injuries
XXXVI Some Factors Influencing Mortality in Cases of Foreign Body of the Lower Air and Food Passages
XXXVII Microscopic Observations of the Developing Petrous Apex
XXXVIII Primary Cholesteatoma of the Mastoid
XXXIX Primary Ulcerated Infiltrative Tuberculosis of the Tonsils, Velum and Pharynx
XL An Objective Study of the Comparative Number of Speech Sounds Spoken per Minute by the Deaf and the Normal
XLI Postauricular Fistula
XLII Endocrine Imbalances and Their Relation to the Upper Respiratory Tract
XLIII Adenoids and Immunity
XLIV Etiology of the Saddle Nose
XLV A General Consideration of Defective Hearing and Deafness with Particular Reference to Etiology. Part II
XLVI; An Unusual Meningo-Encephalocele Ethmoidalis
XLVII Pedunculated Fibroma of the Nasal Septum
XLVIII Submucous Cordectomy for Bilateral Abductor Paralysis
XLIX Unusually Large Foreign Bodies Removed from the Tracheobronchial Tree
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