L The Transmission of Pain Impulses via the Chorda Tympani Nerve
LI Intracranial Division of the Eighth Nerve for Ménière's Disease : A Follow-up Study of Patients Operated on by Dr. Walter E. Dandy
LII Temporal Lobe Herniation through Traumatic Defect in Tegmen of Temporal Bone with Cerebrospinal Otorrhea
LIII Speed of Administration as Related to the Toxicity of Certain Topical Anesthetics
LIV Erosion of the Esophagus by an Intrathoracic Goiter
LV Inferior Meatal Accessory Ostia : Report of a Case
LVI The Treament of Acute Suppurative Otitis Media : The Relative Merits of Chemotherapy and Myringotomy in Avoiding Surgical Mastoiditis
LVII Forty Questions in Otolaryngology : (Suggestion Box for Young Investigators)
LVIII Surgery in Ménière's Disease : A New Operation Which Preserves the Labyrinth Report of Cases
LIX A Cold Vapor Apparatus for the Treatment of Acute Laryngotracheitis
LX The Treatment of Endolymphatic Hydrops (Ménière's Disease) with Streptomycin
LXI Nonchromaffin Paraganglioma of the Middle Ear
LXII Limited Surgery after Failure of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Carcinoma of the Larynx
LXIII An Unusual Case of Multiple Foreign Bodies
LXIV Congenital Anomalies of the Esophagus
LXV Follow-up Observations on the Treatment of Benign Stenosis of the Esophagus
LXVI Unusual Causes of Dysphagia
LXVII Porcupine Quills as Laryngeal Foreign Bodies : Report of Two Cases
LXVIII Superior Vena Caval Obstructive Syndrome : Report of Three Cases
LXIX Laryngeal Sequelae of Endotracheal Anesthesia
LXX Bronchography in the Infant and Very Young Child
LXXI Aqueous Contrast Media in Bronchography
LXXII Obscure Pulmonary Bleeding
LXXIII Primary Tuberculoma of the Bronchus
LXXIV The Application of Streptomycin in Tuberculous Bronchitis
LXXV Cytologic Studies and Prognostic Results in Bronchogenic Carcinoma
LXXVI Carinal Biopsy
Lxxvii Endobronchial Lymphoma and its Simulation by Bronchogenic Carcinoma
LXXVIII Tracheal Resection with Primary Anastomosis
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